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4000 tonnes of carbon plate stocked on our 2.25 acre site and additional stock available at the UK docks for immediate call off we are usually able to cover any immediate needs of our clients. Add to this the exceptional relationship with quality UK and European mills, a continuously booked forward order capacity and our own fleet of vehicles. We can offer a fast and reliable service to our clients. Our plate stock is also used to support our other in-house services.


Plates are held in standard stock sizes from 2000 x 1000 up to 12000 x 3000, for the stock and other available specifications please see here other specifications are available upon request. None standard sizes can be cut utilising or straight line burning alternatively tailored plates can be ordered on the mill utilising our pre-booked mill capacity.

Should you have an ongoing requirement for particular sizes of plate but don’t always have the luxury of time to ensure that you achieve the best price whilst getting deliveries to meet your production requirements.


We would be pleased to speak to you regarding the possibility of setting up a consignment stock to help you achieve the most competitive price and immediate delivery.

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